5 Ways Your Child Can Achieve Baller Status on the Court

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Your 12-year-old wants to be a baller and a shot caller… but are they ready? Achieving baller status on the court isn’t about walking in on day one and expecting to impress everyone. Basketball culture demands that players earn that title.

If your young player thinks earning status means spinning a ball on their finger and being a cut-up at practice, they’re in for a big surprise. Being taken seriously on the court takes a huge commitment and a whole lot of practice.

Not sure how to guide a youth player to MVP status? Here’s how your potential pro can apply hard work and strategy to earn respect with their team and the fans. From rocking some killer NBA basketball socks to excelling at drills, they can rise to the top in no time.

1. Begin with a Winning Attitude

As the official USA basketball organization points out: It all begins with character development. And by “it,” we mean a successful basketball career. A player won’t end up being the Michael Jordan of their school if they aren’t committed to the sport. They must show up on the court with the desire to win and a willingness to work their butt off.

As a parent, you can encourage good attitudes by talking with your player about short- and long-term goals in basketball. Mentor your young players about the best way to handle a loss and how we can pick ourselves back up and do better next time. Keep basketball enjoyable and show your little all-star that if they keep working then baller status is on the table.

2. Show Up All the Time

Consistency is also key to succeeding in basketball culture. And by that, we don’t mean swishing every free throw (although that doesn’t hurt, either). Players must be willing to show up and be present both physically and mentally. This means no skipping practice to go to the movies or paying attention when the coach is talking.

Being mentally and physically on point when the time has come to hone important skills teaches players how to focus. It also trains them to be reliable in all areas of life. Maybe one day they’ll be the baller of the boardroom because of the skills they learn on the team.

3. Run Drills that Strengthen Skills

Keeping drills fun yet competitive is another way to gain the necessary skills that will impress during game time. You can’t gain baller status without earning a few blisters first. We don’t make the rules! Coaches and parents should encourage healthy competition during practice to rid young players of the idea that competition has to be negative.

On the contrary, drills that involve competition help younger players learn to respectfully spar with each other – a common part of basketball culture. Encourage dribble drills and sprints that build stamina and help perfect basic skills.

Aside from dribbling, other drill skills to explore include footwork, passing, layups, defensive concepts, and ball handling.

4. Dress the Part

Girls’ and boys' basketball socks also help players look and feel the part. Not only do knee-high basketball socks and headbands boost confidence, but they actually help performance.

A quality pair of basketball socks can improve circulation, wick away sweat, control blisters, and support the player’s foot arch. If you think LeBron James doesn’t get by with a little help from his gear, guess again. Even players at the top of their game benefit from having the right socks and uniforms.

5. Be an Amazing Teammate

Finally, players should keep this basketball culture rule of thumb in mind: if you want to gain respect, you need to be a team player. Being a good player means knowing when you should provide an assist instead of shooting the ball yourself and listening to teammates’ feedback. Encourage young players to think about the ways they can be a better teammate.

MadSportsStuff and Basketball Culture

Basketball players can do everything from intimidate the competition to beat sweaty feet with the right gear. Make sure your player is game-day ready in order to tackle the competition. We want your player to feel like a baller on and off the court.

At MadSportsStuff, we’ve put a lot of thought into how to help players become ballers on the court and respected athletes all around. We have designed a ton of baller basketball socks – all made right here in the USA – that help players of all ages look and feel their best on the court.

What makes our basketball socks so special? We know you’ll feel like a real baller with:

  • The choice to choose between dozens of styles. From tigers and paw prints to lightning strikes and stripes – you can always find a pattern that makes you feel your best.
  • Custom sock designs. Players can put their jersey number on the back of their socks. Not only does it look cool, but it helps fans find their players faster.
  • Double-welt tops. A double caller means a player never has to stop to pull up their socks or leave their shins vulnerable. That just looks cooler.
  • Arch and ankle support. Nobody wants to feel tired in the fourth quarter. Players can perform until the final whistle when they have good circulation and their feet are able to ward off fatigue.

Ready to help your child become a baller on the court? It takes a lot of practice and a little gear, but they’ll fit right into basketball culture in practically no time at all.