Do You Have Your NBA Basketball Socks Ready for the Playoffs?

Wearing NBA basketball socks is a fun way to show your team spirit during the playoffs. The (NBA) National Basketball Association is the premier men's basketball league in the world.   

Since 1946, the NBA has been playing basketball games to the delight of fans across the globe, with big-name stars such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Stephen Curry dominating the courts and headlines. Wear your team's basketball socks proudly this season as you cheer them on to victory.  

Growing in Popularity

The first NBA game was played by the Toronto Huskies and the New York Knickerbockers. In 1947, Japanese-American Wataru Misaka became the first non-white player to join the NBA breaking the color barrier. He stayed the only non-white player until 1950 when Harold Hunter, the NBA’s first African-American player, signed with the Washington Capitals. Several more African players joined the league later that same year.

To discourage stalling, the league introduced a 24-second shot clock to encourage shooting in 1954. In 1979 they approved the three-point field goal. That same year the sport began growing even more in popularity when rookies Magic Johnson and Larry Bird joined the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics, respectively.

Michael Jordan, who became a household name, joined the Chicago Bulls franchise in 1984. More and more cities began demanding their own teams, so by 1989 four cities had gotten their wish – the Charlotte Hornets, Orlando Magic, Miami Heat, and Minnesota Timberwolves. The league was now up to 27 teams. In 1995, the NBA expanded to Canada to add two teams, one of which eventually relocated to Memphis.

The Cost of Watching an NBA Game

The average cost of a ticket to an NBA game is $89 on the secondary market. This is up roughly 27 percent from the average ticket price of $70 for each ticket throughout the 2016-2017 basketball season.

If you want to watch the Golden State Warriors, you can expect to pay even more. They play at the Oracle Arena and have the highest ticket prices out of any other team on the secondary market. Tickets to watch the Golden State Warriors averaged $240 for each ticket last season, an increase of nearly 72 percent from the prior season.

Basketball Socks Are a Cheaper, More Stylish Way to Cheer on Your Team

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Athletic Socks Customized for Your Team

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NBA Regular Season Kicking Into Full Gear

crazy basketball socksSo now that you’ve got your basketball socks ready to go, it’s time to kick into gear for the NBA basketball regular season. Summer break for the players concludes when training camps begin at the end of September. These camps allow the coaches to evaluate their players, especially rookies while determining their team’s weaknesses and strengths.

After training camp is over, a series of preseason exhibition games are held, with many of them taking place outside of NBA cities, both in the states and overseas. Then the regular NBA basketball season begins the last week of October.

During the regular season, every team will play a total of 82 games with half of them taking place at home and the other half away. A team will face opponents in their own division four times per year as well as six teams from the other two divisions in their conference four times per year. The remaining four teams will each be played three times. Lastly, each team will play all the teams in the other conference twice apiece. This asymmetrical structure ensures that all teams play against each other.

The NBA is one of two out of all four major professional sports leagues in which the teams play all other teams during their regular season. The National Hockey League is the other league that also plays every team. Each team will host and visit every other team in the league at least once every single season.

NBA Basketball and Holidays

The NBA is the only professional league that consistently schedules a game on Christmas Day. They have been playing holiday games regularly since 1947, although the games didn’t start getting televised until 1983. Typically holiday games feature some of the best players and teams in the league and have been some of the highest rated games each season.

When the NBA Season Comes to an End

The regular NBA basketball season comes to an end during April. This is also the time where voting begins for several individual awards.

The Sixth Man of the Year Award is given each year to the best player coming off the bench. The Rookie of the Year Award is given to the best first-year player. The Most Improved Player Award goes to the player that shows the most improvement from the season before. The Defensive Player of the Year Award goes to the best defender in the league. The Most Valuable Player is given to the player that is deemed as the most valuable for his team. The Coach of the Year Award is handed out to the coach that has had the most positive influence on their team.

Post-season teams include the All-Defensive Team, All-NBA Team, and All-Rookie Team. There are two All-Defensive teams, three All-NBA teams, and two All-Rookie Teams. Each team consists of five players, and it is most desirable to be on the first-team status.

The season comes to a close with NBA basketball playoffs in late April. The top eight teams in each conference compete for the championship and seeds are awarded in order of their regular-season record.

Are You Ready for NBA Playoffs?

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