Volleyball Teams Go Pink in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

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Uniting your team around the goal of victory is great. Who doesn’t love bringing home a trophy? While winning is a great feeling, there are even more important things to rally around as a volleyball squad – including raising awareness about things that affect your community. That’s why a lot of teams are going pink to bring awareness to breast cancer with the goal of raising money for continued research.

Calling attention to the need for more cancer research is as easy as sporting some breast cancer awareness merchandise. From headbands to ribbons and breast cancer awareness socks, there are lots of ways to support this meaningful cause. Even though Breast Cancer Awareness Month is limited to October, volleyball players can still rock pink all year round.

Whether your goal is to help your local community or instill compassion in your players, we didn’t have to look far to find some serious benefits to supporting charity work. Here are some of the reasons your volleyball team should consider going pink to honor breast cancer awareness.

Improve Morale with a Charitable Goal

Having shared goals and values bring people closer together. Running drills and wearing the same uniform is a great start, but imagine how much stronger your team will feel when they’re all wearing breast cancer awareness volleyball socks and encouraging donations to organizations that may save lives.

Best of all, there’s never a bad time to improve team comradery. Whether you’re trying to build a new team or looking to find additional ways to unite a roster with a strong foundation– choosing a charitable cause will make everyone feel good about their squad.

Attract New Players with Breast Cancer Awareness Socks

If your young volleyball star is a part of a community league, their team may need to get creative when it comes to appealing to new players. Why should someone join their crew over another? Wearing breast cancer awareness socks and running fundraisers for charitable causes could be the perfect drawing factor.

Supporting charities is a mutually beneficial endeavor. Not only will a deserving cause have some much-deserved light shone upon it, but your volleyball team gets to stand apart from the rest as a group with heart – both on and off the court.

Even if your player is a part of a school squad, she may still be able to recruit new players by showing that her team is more than bump passes and winning matches. It’s also about giving back to the community. That may attract student players who had misconceptions about how competitive volleyball team athletics are.

Help Your Community Members with Awareness and Fundraising

Speaking of helping your community, earning respect from beyond the stands is reason enough for the team to rock breast cancer awareness knee-high socks. Athletes of all ages are beginning to leverage their visibility and support for the people in the world who need it most. Take the NFL’s and the American Cancer Society’s Crucial Catch initiative for instance. From the Philadelphia Phillies to the Dallas Mavericks, organizations and individual athletes are lending a hand to raise money and awareness to support cancer prevention and treatment.  

Athletes have the power to raise awareness and donate to people recovering from hurricanes, families who have fallen on hard times, and patients battling illness. Even though your MVP’s youth volleyball team may not have the notoriety of an NFL team owner – they can still do their part to contribute to the important tradition of athletes and teams giving back.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it’s easy to set up a fundraiser associated with a major charity. Have team parents and members of the community pledge a certain number of dollars per points scored or give a one-time donation. Your team can create real change in your community by helping fund essential programs related to breast cancer treatment and care.

If nothing else, wearing breast cancer awareness socks and other apparel shows people in the stands who are touched by this disease that they are not alone.

Teach Youth Players About Creating Good

Think your team could use a reminder that there’s more to the world than a volleyball score? Going pink to support breast cancer awareness is a good way to introduce ideas of empathy and educate young individuals about an illness that affects many individuals in their community and around the world.

Sometimes young players can get distracted by the thrill of the game or the healthy competition of a tournament. Use some time you pass out breast cancer awareness socks as a parent or coach to talk about why this cause matters and how many people in their school likely have a family member who is affected.

Generating empathy and consideration for people in need of breast cancer treatment may encourage them to be more generous with each other, too.

Become Role Models by Setting New Standards

How cool would it be if your player’s volleyball team set the standard for how to be a good team? Once your players are rocking their breast cancer awareness ribbons on the court, it could catch fire. Before you know it, the football and soccer teams will be adopting their own causes to support.

Becoming a leader at their school or in the local youth athletic community has several benefits. Newfound respect aside, your players could attract new sponsors. Holding a fundraiser increases awareness about their sport and could encourage people to come and see a game.

Best of all, your team could inspire younger players to take more interest in the community. Becoming a role model for younger teams will have your team feeling proud (as they should). And it all begins with a simple pair of socks!

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Pick up team breast cancer awareness socks in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and keep wearing them all year round. It might just inspire others to continue their charitable efforts even when the season is over!