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Basketball Socks


Color Your Sport With crazy sports socks

Kids love to show their team pride and personality too, so we've built our sports socks and product lines around that very concept. We offer one of the largest selections of crazy sports socks and high performance athletic products that bring out the fun and colorful sides of your young athlete's personality. Whether you are looking for crazy team socks, player ID socks, awareness merchandise, spandex, or leotards, we have it all.

We started as a small family business and have grown over the years to where we currently are. All of our sports socks and products are produced in the USA, and we strive to always offer you affordable, fun, and fashionable items for your sports enthusiasts.

More than just sports socks

Whether you're playing a sport that relaxes you or one that amuses you, chances are you'll be wearing something in the form of a uniform that separates you from your competitors. It may have distinct colors, material, sizes, or shapes. It all depends on the team, sport, or the individual wearing sporting the gear. At MadSportsStuff, we recognize that as much as anyone, and we also admit that part a uniform will likely include a pair of sports socks, and that's where we come in.

It’s not just another piece of equipment, though, and we at MadSportsStuff know that. We know that most sports require an athlete to wear sports socks, but do they make the extra effort in guiding them to the right pair for the right player or position? No. So, at MadSportsStuff, we make it a point to tailor our sports socks to fit right, and to withstand the harshest environments, whether it’s on the ballfield or the basketball court.

The Largest Selection of In-Stock Sports Socks

MadSportsStuff has the largest selection of sports socks of anywhere in the U.S., which makes us a one-stop shop for all your sports socks and sports apparel needs. And our sports socks, specifically, can be customized to a person’s liking by adding a funky design to each pair of sports socks. We can add team colors, make custom number socks, along with a number of unique options so athletes can take to the field in a style that makes them the most comfortable. And no matter the sport an individual plays, we have the sports socks for them. We make sports socks fit for the “4 major sports,” including baseball socks, football socks, basketball socks and soccer socks. As well as softball socks, kickball socks, lacrosse socks, even wrestling socks and much more. Or, if one should simply prefer our athletic socks for just taking long walks on the beach, or to run a marathon, we can accommodate that as well.

Check out our sport socks collections page which gives someone the option of taking another step further in customizing sports socks with colorful patterns including our American Flag socks, which light up with our patriotic red, white, and blue colors. Other examples include sports socks for boys with the following designs: Laser skull, great white shark, spider, flaming soccer balls & more. For girls, our rainbow unicorns, flames, hedgehog, ladybug and bees are among the most popular.

Quality Sports Socks & Bringing Awareness

No matter what style, or what sport you need them for, our sports socks are tough, and feature moisture-wicking, arch and ankle compression to reduce fatigue, blister control, lightweight, double welt tops, and infused alphasan antimicrobials to control bacteria and odor buildup.

But that’s not the best part about what we do. We are proud to offer breast cancer awareness socks. In addition, we have athletic socks help to bring awareness to great causes like fighting cancer, autism, and we are also proud supporters of our military. We offer special athletic socks for each charity; it’s just our way of giving back to the community and our customers. So when you’re out there competing for the next victory, you can also take comfort in knowing you’re also in the fight for something much bigger.

At the end of the day, we’re more than just an online sports store, we’re a family-owned business who takes great pride in our products, and the love and care we put into each piece of merchandise is evident, so our valued customers can be at their very best when they compete. And our sports socks are guaranteed for 30 days and are manufactured in the USA!

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