7 Ways for Fans to Show Team Spirit

crazy basketball socks

Face it, being overly excited about your favorite player from the bleachers is your job, it’s what parents do! But are you running out of ideas for how to cheer on your squad? We’re here to help.

From waving foam fingers to wearing crazy basketball socks, there are tons of ways to make your team spirit known from the stands. It might not sound like much, but matching your attire to the youth basketball socks you picked out for your team shows them you care. And that’s before you’ve even painted your face and started chanting the team motto.

If you’re ever in need of some creative inspiration, here are seven ideas for cheering on your team with gusto!

1. Wear Vintage Gear

Vintage gear never goes out of style. If you’re at a high school basketball game and you used to play for the team, wear your old jersey. Wave towels with the old school logo, sport vintage hats, or dig up other gear to pay homage to the teams of the past. Kids need to be reminded of their team’s rich history, right?

If you’re looking for a way to bring your team spirit home, consider framing a piece of vintage gear for your game room or home office. That lets visitors know your team is always top of mind. Talk about a #1 fan!

2. Start a Chant or Song

Let your team hear your support when they’re down to the wire and they need a little motivation. Remember that your players may not have a whole lot of time to look up at the stands, but they’ll be able to hear you from a mile away if you put your lungs into it.

If your team does not have a chant, feel free to create your own or a mascot-related song that you can start from the stands. If your team are the Tigers, for instance, a little rendition of “Eye of the Tiger” could get people amped. And give the cheerleaders a little love during home games, too – respond to their call and cheers to help them out.

3. Make Custom T-Shirts

If you’re ready to invest a little money into your school spirit, make some custom t-shirts. You can airbrush or embroider all sorts of designs and logos onto a colorful shirt that screams your support. Get your player’s face, the team mascot, or the team name on the front. Make it fun – in addition to showing your team spirit, you’ll have an instant conversation starter for you and the other parents and fans.

4. Wear Crazy Socks

If you’re going to dress the part of the superfan, you may as well go all in. Make sure you’re dripping in team spirit from head to toe. That includes wearing some crazy, bold socks that won’t go unnoticed. From fun football socks to crazy basketball socks, there are tons of options.

Use the team colors to inspire your sock choice or base the design off your player’s personality. MadSportsStuff has unicorns, stars and stripes, and starfish to choose from. And that’s just the beginning. There are tons of lacrosse socks, football socks, volleyball socks, and more to choose from to show your team spirit.

If you’re cheering on your b-ball team, there are lots of fun basketball socks to really take your game day outfit to the next level. Check out our crazy basketball heart crew socks, basketball logo crew socks, and crazy socks with stars over the calf to get started.

5. Represent Player Numbers

Show your support for your favorite player by wearing their number! Wear it on the back of your custom t-shirt, on a temporary tattoo on your forearm, or your shins. Why show only your team spirit when you can also show your passion for your MVP pick as well?

If you’re not sure where to get started, our custom player ID socks are a good purchase. Not only can you customize them with your player’s number, but they’re solid athletic socks that will keep you warm during Friday night games at outdoor venues.

Bonus: they offer excellent compression, so you won’t get tired when you stand up and cheer for 30 minutes during the 4th quarter. See, crazy basketball socks, player number socks, and funny softball socks are actually good for you!

6. Get Creative with Face Paint

Time to get creative with the watercolors! Break out the face paint before the next big game. You can paint your entire face in school colors if you’re ready to go all-in or stick with a mascot on your cheek for a more subtle show of support.

Match your face paint design to your outfit and get ready to scream for your team. If you’re going to look the part of a big fan, you better show it with your lungs as well! Best of all, face paint can be washed off at the end of the night and you get to come up with a whole new design for the next game.

7. Make a Banner

Finally, put your arts and crafts training to work. Whether it’s the homecoming game, the first match of the finals, or just an exciting meeting of rivals, a sign in the stands is sure to make players feel supported on the field. Break out your old cardboard, buy some inexpensive poster board, or get your hands on some white fabric. Now you’ve got your perfect backdrop for a new banner or sign.

Ready to up your team spirit game? Hopefully, these tips have been just the motivation you need to start showing your support at the next game. If you want to spread the love, consider a set of crazy basketball socks for the entire team (of parents in the stands). MadSportsStuff makes it easy to place a bulk custom order that the entire cheering section will love! Orders take about six weeks to arrive, so plan and order early.