Latest Sock Fashion Trends in the World of Football, Soccer, and Volleyball

sock fashion trends

What happens on the fashion runway doesn’t always stay on the runway. When major clothing trends are revealed at designer fashion shows, they often make their way around the world quickly.

Before you know it, styles and patterns unveiled in New York could show up at your local mall, in online shops, and yes… on soccer fields or volleyball courts. Even sock fashion trends find their way to athletes!

Sometimes what works in everyday fashion will inspire a new look for the big game. Which, let’s face it, makes your local sports fields and courts a lot more colorful and interesting. Youth volleyball socks, soccer socks, and football socks are becoming more stylish than ever.

Want to up your volleyball team’s fashion sense? Not sure how to wear soccer socks like a pro? Here are some sock fashion trends to look out for in the upcoming season. They may have started off the field but they’re certainly bringing some more style to your next local tournament!

White on White

Classic, white on white (white socks with white sneakers/cleats) is making a comeback. For years, bright socks and inventive jersey colors have been stealing the show. And you can still have fun with your color pallet, don’t get us wrong (more on that in a bit). But crisp white socks against ivory shoes are showing up again.

For soccer and football players, grass stains are a reality. You may not end the season with the same ivory cleats you wore at the first game. But hey, the look is a sharp way to start the season.

For indoor volleyball stars, this is one of those sock fashion trends where they have a clear advantage. Bleach your player’s athletic socks, and your MVP will show up looking as sharp as ever each week on an indoor court.

Fun Socks

Even though white on white is a current trend, fun socks haven’t exactly fallen off the face of the Earth. Men and women in offices are still rocking bright argyle to impress their colleagues. Fun socks are so popular these days, you can even sign up for a subscription service to get a new pair every month.

On soccer fields and volleyball courts around the country, you’ll spy everything from rainbow stripes to polka dots to unicorn prints on players’ calves.

Some of the best volleyball socks have a volleyball print on them. You might remember volleyball socks in the 80s with a polka dot pattern comprised of tiny volleyballs. Patterned volleyball socks nowadays have a modern twist. You can find pairs with a single volleyball on the side or back – they’re still fun, but a little more subdued. Best of all, you can find volleyball patterns in almost any color combination.

Crew Length

In the world of dress socks, short cuts are sometimes called quarter socks. They have just enough real estate to show off a fun print or bold color without making your legs too hot under a pair of pants. Quarter socks are back, baby.

On the soccer field and volleyball court, mid-length socks are called crew socks. Like quarter socks, crew socks are a compromise between over the calf styles and ankle socks. They’re particularly popular for volleyball players. If your MVP is wondering what socks to wear for volleyball, you can’t go wrong with crew socks.

Players can still show off their crisp white socks or a crazy pattern, but they also have plenty of room for knee pads with space for their legs to breathe! We call that a score.

Fabric Blends

Once upon a time, all-cotton socks were the go-to for athletes. Now we know better. Cotton socks can get too hot during gameplay and they may sag or droop once a player works up a sweat.

Today, fabrics designed for high-quality and longevity are all the rage. That’s right, sock fashion trends aren’t just about patterns and color – they’re also about quality. Socks that hold up better look better for longer. Plus, they do other stuff athletes need on the court.

Fabric blends are finally in style! At MadSportsStuff, our volleyball, soccer, and football socks are made from 77% polypropylene, 17% nylon, 3% elastic, and 3% Lycra Spandex. Performance fabric blends wick moisture away from your body, promote compression for good blood flow, and support your ankles.

Even better, this fashion trend means buying fewer pairs of socks. Quality socks will stand up to frequent washing – which absolutely changes the game.

Branded Socks

While socks with a famous swoosh or big brand name never really went out of style, it doesn’t mean you should have to compromise your budget just to stay on trend. For the next sports season, follow a sock fashion trend that doesn’t even have to cost you an arm and a leg to look great. We’re not talking about Gucci socks, here.

A related sock trend is using foot fashion to promote a cause. Socks promoting Breast Cancer Awareness, Childhood Cancer Awareness, or Autism Awareness let fans and teammates know which causes are close to a player’s heart.

Not only will you be supporting a great cause on and off the court or field, you will be doing it in style while staying in budget.

Coordinated Colors

Coordinated socks are better than ever. For professionals, the style experts recommend tying your sock color into a color you’re wearing up top. For instance, you might coordinate your tie and sock patterns or your bowtie and sock colors.

Coordinating your socks with the rest of your outfit also works for volleyball and soccer players. And the colors don’t have to be an exact match. Brown complements green, white and black are a natural pairing, and yellow socks will pop against a white uniform.

For outdoor sports, there are some special considerations. If you’re wondering, “What socks do football players wear during night games?” we have a few suggestions. Stick with light colors that will pop even if the lights are low and try a neon design for fun. Bright neon complements black, white, and other neutral uniforms.

MadSportsStuff for the Latest Sock Styles

Sock fashion trends are just as important as the latest spring collection of dresses or ties. You might consider socks an afterthought for athletes – after all, jerseys and shoes are bigger decisions – but socks can make or break game time confidence!

From soccer to football, volleyball vs. basketball, it’s time to start a competition for best dressed on the field. Don’t let the school field hockey team show up the volleyball players in the fashion department!

Tap into sock fashion trends today and make a custom order on MadSportsStuff. You can have the entire squad outfitted in colorful socks within a few weeks. Why not surprise the team with fun volleyball socks to build team spirit? Don’t be afraid to reach out so we can help you complete an accurate order in no time.