Custom Stirrups

Custom stirrups are to baseball like cracker jacks are to the game of baseball. They are a timeless accessory that not only complement a player’s uniform but also provide athletic benefits for whoever is wearing them.

Baseball stirrups were designed so that the first baseball players could add color to their stockings without being injured. It was thought that early color dyes in stirrups posed a threat to players when they got injured because they thought the dye from the socks would seep into wounds and cause further harm.

As a solution, players started adding white “sanitary socks” underneath the stirrup to add an extra layer of protection in the event of injury.

In today’s game, the baseball stirrup gives athletes a unique look that shows off their style and keeps the iconic baseball uniform alive.

Custom Baseball Stirrups and Custom Softball Stirrups

What’s better than softball and baseball stirrups? Custom softball and baseball stirrups.

MadSportsStuff is now proud to offer custom baseball stirrups and custom softball stirrups from TCK. Here's how it works -

  • Click on your favorite style of custom stirrups
  • Specify Colors/Cut Length/Size/Quantities (Minimum order is 12 pairs of custom stirrups per size.)
  • Receive a free mockup of your custom stirrups and quote

Custom stirrups have long been a part of the uniform for players of both softball and baseball. The use of custom baseball stirrups or custom softball stirrups offers a traditional look, as well as providing a way to proudly display the colors of the team.

If you’re not looking to customize your own stirrups, you can browse our in-stock baseball stirrups.

Custom Stirrups for All

We offer a range of baseball stirrups for coaches looking for both custom baseball stirrups and custom softball stirrups. With our easy to use online ordering system it has never been easier to get the customized sports apparel your team needs to show their team spirit in style.

Once you have chosen the preferred style from the choices offered, it is easy to specify the required cut length, size, team colors, and quantity needed to outfit your team with high-quality custom stirrups. Our easy to use ordering system allows for a free mockup of custom stirrups and price quote to help you plan your purchase. With such an easy process and fast turnaround times, these custom stirrups can be a great addition to any baseball or softball team!

If custom stirrups aren’t your thing, we have a wide selection of baseball socks and softball socks to fit any athlete’s style.

Quality Custom Stirrups

All custom baseball stirrups from MadSportsStuff and TCK are made with the highest quality material in the USA. These performance enhancing accessories all have proDRI technology which is moisture wicking material and allows for quick drying if the socks were to get wet. They use compression technology in all the right places and blister control to decrease friction and help prevent injury. All socks have a double-welt top to ensure they are not sliding down as your athlete is sliding into second base.

At MadSportsStuff, we pride ourselves in not only our expansive inventory of high-quality custom stirrups and sports accessories but also on our commitment to providing outstanding customer service. For many years, we have been delivering a hassle-free shopping experience from beginning to end with customer satisfaction at the heart of what we do. With an emphasis on both fun and function, the products we proudly offer can increase enjoyment and performance for any athlete. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have or assist you in ordering custom baseball stirrups. Call or order your custom stirrups online today!

So, whether you’re looking to customize your own stirrups or purchase regular baseball stirrups, MadSportsStuff is the way to go. Visit the MadSportsStuff homepage to see our massive selection of in-stock sports socks to level up your athlete’s look on the field.