Sports Superstitions: Can Custom Number Socks Boost Players’ Confidence?


They say practice makes perfect. But can your MVP really win if they don’t have their lucky custom number socks on or their trusty shorts in their gym bag? Superstitions might sound silly – but it turns out having a routine can actually be good for your youth player (even if that routine involves wearing the same socks and spinning around three times before the game).

All sorts of players have a history of instituting “lucky” habits to help them win the game. Did you know Michael Jordan swore by the same pair of gym shorts throughout his career?

One simple way to develop a healthy superstition is by wearing the same pair of custom socks. And whether you need baseball, softball, hockey, or volleyball socks – we’ve got your players’ legs covered.

Let’s talk about what superstitions and routines could mean for your favorite player’s future success.

Common Sports Superstitions

If your favorite player is convinced their pre-game superstition is why they’re on a winning streak, they’re not alone.

Superstitions are the belief in supernatural causation between an action and an outcome. For instance, maybe you knock on wood before you get on a boat to ensure safe travels. Or a youth football player might insist on wearing number 12 no matter what.

A lot of elite athletes have some habits that look funny from the outside (but that they also swear by).

Common sports superstitions include:

  • Spitting into your hand before picking up a baseball or softball bat.
  • Never speaking of a perfect score or performance while it’s ongoing.
  • Wiping the soles of your sneakers for good luck.
  • Wearing double numbers on your jersey and/or socks.
  • Not stepping on court lines during the game.
  • Wearing a certain article of clothing, such as a specific basketball shirt or a special pair of volleyball socks.
  • Listening to a specific song in your earphone during warm-ups.
  • Putting pads and equipment on in the exact same order before every game.

The Power of Routine

There is a difference between superstition and routine. Superstitions are based on unsubstantiated belief, while routine refers to a specific set of steps that you can manage and repeat. However, a sports superstition can become a part of a productive routine.

There are two main parts of any routine: actions and thoughts.

Positive actions for a pre-performance routine include things like practice swings or a specific number of repetitions during warm-ups. Physical routines can benefit a player by making sure they’re always primed to make a shot or dash down the field at a moment’s notice.

The thoughts/cognition aspect of the pre-game routine is just as important as the physical preparations. The right mindset helps a player to deploy their physical prowess strategically and reliably.

Some parts of a good mental preparation routine include:

  • Analyzing possible situations and how you will respond. For a soccer goalie, that means imagining stopping a variety of different score attempts. For a football player, mental prep might mean visualizing different running routes.
  • Relaxing and focusing on controlled breathing. In the minutes before a game begins, mental prep is about getting into a very focused mindset and shutting out all outside concerns.
  • Positive thinking and conscious confidence building. Doing chants in the locker room with teammates can be a powerful motivator for young players. It increases adrenaline and brings a sense of unity. But a player can also take a few minutes to think through some positive affirmations.
  • Maintaining some nerve soothing practices. For some players, this means wearing a pair of lucky socks or the same headband they wore when they won the state championship. These practices might seem trivial – but if they boost a player’s sense of control and confidence, they’re worth it.

How Player Routines Can Translate to Better Outcomes

Can a pair of custom football or volleyball socks really help your player score? It can if it enhances mental focus and brings a new sense of confidence to the field.

Pre-game routines that include “lucky” rituals can help players in a few simple ways. Here is how a routine could turn into a game-time personal best:

  • Research has shown than routines mitigate distractions and fluctuating emotions. Wearing their custom pair of socks while they visualize their scoring strategy can put players in the best position to follow through on the field.
  • When players follow a routine, they can better turn their training mindset into automatic execution during competition. In other words, their muscle memory works better when the player is focused and confident.
  • Once a routine has led to a few wins, a placebo effect can do the rest. This means that simply doing the routine unleashes a benefit – because the player believes it will. Standing on their head, listening to the same playlist, and rocking a pair of custom number socks can all help your player simply because they’re so convinced it works.

It’s hard to say for certain which routine will help your player soar. Each routine must be individualized for their needs and the type of mental prep that’s most effective. And if keeping a lucky coin in their shoe works – so be it!

Finding the Best Custom Socks for Luck (and Performance)

Let’s say your favorite player is in the market for a new set of socks. What do you look for?

Some custom number socks are made better than others. A few features make it more likely that your player will improve their performance. And that’s even better than luck.

Socks fit for MVPs have a few things in common:

  • Moisture Wicking. A pair of volleyball socks that become soggy with sweat slow down even an elite athlete. Moisture-wicking material pulls sweat to the outer layer of the fabric and then dries quickly.
  • Compression. Keeping the blood flowing during a game keeps fatigue at bay and is good for your body. Compression socks send the blood from your ankles and feet back up toward your heart.
  • Double-Welt Top. The welt, or cuff, of a sock, can make or break its performance. Socks that fall down are annoying and can distract a player during a crucial part of the game. A double welt helps ensure the socks stay put until the final whistle blows.
  • Odor Control. If your player is going to rock her lucky volleyball socks every weekend, they need to stand the test of time. Including not stinking up a storm. Antimicrobial fabrics help keep sports socks from smelling so bad you pass out every time you unzip your athlete’s gym bag.

Ordering MadSportsStuff Custom Number Socks

Number socks are great for players who believe in superstitions. Not only can you put your jersey number on the back, but you can outfit your socks in your lucky number.

If you want to surprise a player with a set of custom number socks that give them some newfound confidence, the process is easy.

  1. Browse our selection of custom athletic socks and find your favorite style. Click on the photo of the socks to bring up their product page.
  2. Make your color choices, including the main color and any accent panels (when they’re included with the style you selected). You can choose black and white, white and orange, yellow and navy, and a ton of other combos.
  3. Upload a photo of your team logo. We accept files in AI, PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG, and GIF format.
  4. Choose the quantity of socks for each size. You must order at least 12 in each size and a total of 24 socks for each color combination.
  5. Review your free custom number sock mockup. This is your chance to see what your socks will look like when they arrive! If you change your mind about colors or logo choices at this point, it’s not too late to go back and edit.
  6. Pay for your socks and place the order. Most custom orders will be received in 4-6 weeks from the time of payment.

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