3 Best Football Socks for Affordability and Comfort

best football socks

The right pads, cleats, and helmets are all important if you want your squad to come out victorious. But what about socks? It’s hard for players to be fast on their feet if their socks are bunching up or weighed down.

The best football socks keep players at peak performance and don’t cost an arm and leg.

If you’re on a budget, it’s tempting to buy a pack of six white athletic socks and call it a day. But we have a few other suggestions. Instead of buying a bunch of generic cotton socks that get soggy and feel uncomfortable, buy a few quality pairs that last for more than a season.  Good socks wick moisture away from a player’s legs, are snug enough to offer compression, and stop blisters from forming.

Here is what to look for in the best football socks that are comfortable, colorful, and won’t cost a fortune.

3 Best Football Socks for Youth Players

At MadSportsStuff, we believe the best socks for youth football players don’t just look good – they feel good and they hold up better than your average pair of cotton socks. If you’re not sure what to look for, here are three recommendations.

1. Custom Number Socks

Our number socks are some of the most popular designs in our inventory. They’re also some of the best football socks you’ll find on the market. These socks are made of a blend of 77% polypropylene, 17% nylon, 3% elastic, and 3% Lycra spandex. That means they’re stretchy, tight, and don’t get sweat logged. They are available in multiple color options, too. You can find a pair that suit your player’s style no matter what their school colors are.

Number socks also make it simpler to identify a specific player on the field. Have you ever struggled to pick out your MVP in the middle of a huddle? It’s a lot easier when his jersey number is also on his calves. Our number socks are available in crew or over the calf styles. Consider getting a bulk order for the entire team.

2. Pro Line Over the Calf Socks

The MadSportsStuff Pro Line collection is ideal for several sports, including football. Because they fit over the calf, Pro Line socks offer a lot of protection for shins and calves. If your favorite player gets tackled, he won’t end up with so many scratches and scrapes.

Another reason these are some of the best football socks around is their quality construction. Pro Line socks are engineered to wick moisture away from a player’s body and they’re lightweight to boot. Plus, their simple color scheme is great for players who would rather wear classic, old school uniforms. 

3. Crew Socks

Some players might like to let their skin breathe during the game. MadSportsStuff has a selection of short crew socks that hit just above the ankle (including one style with a football design). There are a few reasons players might choose short socks instead of over the calf socks.

First, crew socks are great for players who overheat during a game. They leave a gap of skin between a player’s pants and their socks. Crew socks are also lighter, and they can be a good fit for players who don’t like to feel too confined. Your player might also opt for a crew length if their uniform’s pants run long.

What to Look for in Comfortable Socks

The best football socks are made of high-quality materials. Socks constructed using top-notch materials and stitched with care will usually stand the test of time – but will they be comfortable? If your player’s football socks have the following features, they will not only last the entire season, they will make players feel more comfortable at game time.


Moisture-wicking materials are used by cyclists, runners, and other athletes to keep their bodies cool during a workout. This type of fabric pulls sweat to its outer side and then dries quickly.

For football players, this means their socks won’t be sopping with sweat during the second half of the game. Moisture-wicking keeps socks drier and bodies cooler.

Blister Control

The best football socks also keep blisters away. Painful blisters, which usually form on the heel or toes, can stop a player in his tracks. The moisture-wicking feature of quality socks is one way to keep blisters from forming. But that’s not all! 

Quality football socks also have strategically placed seams that don’t rub against the skin and cause irritation. If your player gets a lot of playing time, blister control is important for their comfort and performance.

Ankle Compression

Compression sends the blood from a player’s ankles and legs back to their heart. Not only does this help with circulation, but it can also help your player avoid fatigue. Good football socks have ankle and arch compression.

Odor and Bacteria Control

Sweaty feet don’t smell great. And they are the perfect environment for bacteria to flourish. Try as you might, you can’t always get your athletes to take off their socks right away after practice. That means a smelly gym bag and an increased chance of Athlete’s foot.

Good socks will hide sock odor. The best football socks stop bacteria from growing. Get a pair of socks with antimicrobials built-in. This will stop some bacteria from taking hold in the socks and they can keep the odor from getting out of control.

Double-Welt Top

The cuff, or welt, of football socks, keep them from falling down mid-game. Double the welt, and you double the reinforcement. You don’t want your player getting distracted by a sliding sock or ending up with a grass or turf burn they didn’t need to get. Double-welt tops are still comfortable; they don’t get tighter; they just provide some back-up.

Football Socks to Avoid

Now that you know what to look for, let’s talk about red flags for bad socks. If your youth football player complains about any of the following qualities, it’s time to throw out their current socks and replace them with a high-quality pair.

1. Rough Seams

Not only do seams cause blisters, but they can cause major irritation on a player’s skin over time. Broken skin hurts and is an invitation to infection. You want socks with smooth seams that are not placed in high friction areas. Socks with scratchy or badly placed seams are a no-go.

2. Too Tight Fit

We recommend double-welt tops because they keep socks from slouching. But going too far in the opposite direction can be just as bad: You don’t want your player to take the field in socks that are way too tight. This can lead to circulation issues, numbness, swelling, and rashes. Choose socks for your football player that never hurts or causes a player’s legs to lose circulation.

3. No Cushion

Socks without any padding can also be a problem. Cushion helps keep players more comfortable until the final whistle and can even help them avoid certain injuries. The padding doesn’t have to be thick but avoid socks that were meant for general wear and not athletic play because they probably won’t have any at all.

Shop the Best Football Socks with MadSportsStuff

Ready to stock your MVP’s sock drawer with some new gear to help them make it off the bench? At MadSportsStuff, all of our socks are made with care in the USA and use quality materials. Check out our reviews to see how much other players and their parents love playing in our crew and over the knee football socks!

You can shop tons of different styles that let your player show off their personality on the field. Even better, we have affordable options for individual players or entire team orders. You can even create a custom order, so your socks arrive with your team logo.

Ordering custom football socks with MadSportsStuff is a no-stress job:

  • Click on your favorite style of custom athletic socks.
  • Specify the colors, logos, and quantity of your order – keep in mind that there is a minimum order of 24 pairs and 12 per size. You can upload a photo of your logo in most picture formats.
  • Check out your free mockup and quote for your custom order, which appears at the top of the screen as you create your order.
  • Place your order! You can expect an average turnaround of 4-6 weeks from the time of payment.

Have questions about the best football socks? Reach out to us today, we’re happy to help. Make sure to check out football socks or any other sports socks you need!