Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Awareness Activities

Whether you’ve been affected by breast cancer or not, you likely at least know someone that has been. Pretty much everyone has at least heard of breast cancer, particularly when the month of October rolls around and pink appears everywhere.

breast cancer awarenessThe pink ribbon that we’ve pretty much all seen has been around for decades, but unfortunately, the pink ribbon was made to bring breast cancer awareness and encourage women to examine themselves and be checked routinely by a doctor. Early detection hasn’t been the cure-all that we once hoped it would be.

It is estimated that one out of every eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. The disease takes the lives of some 40,000 people in the United States each year, and around 522,000 deaths worldwide. The good news is that if caught early, for many people, the prognosis is good.

Every year we recognize October as breast cancer awareness month. There are a variety of ways that you can help people that are battling breast cancer now and help those that are working on a cure in hopes of helping those yet to be diagnosed. There are breast cancer awareness activities and events to help bring breast cancer awareness and honor and remember those who are battling or have fallen victim to the disease. 

These events also help raise funds for treatment, research, and campaign promotions. Breast cancer awareness has grown so much that not only does it have its own designated month, but its grown to such a level that it has its own color. MadSportsStuff has a large selection of pink ribbon and breast cancer awareness socks. They offer breast cancer awareness socks for football, softball, soccer, and much more. They make the perfect accessory for breast cancer awareness walks too!

All MadSportsStuff pink ribbon and Breast Cancer Awareness Socks are designed and made in the United States with love. They are built to last, yet stylish so you can make your mark on the field or at the next breast cancer awareness activity you participate in.

If you’re ready to pink out this October in some MadSportsStuff breast cancer awareness socks, read on to learn about some of the ways that you can help bring breast cancer awareness to your own community and help honor and support those who are battling the deadly disease.

How the NFL is Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Efforts

One of the most well-known organizations to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the National Football League (NFL). The teams and players sport pink attire such as breast cancer awareness socks, gloves, and even cleats. The teams use pink towels and water bottles, and the fields are often painted with the well-known pink breast cancer ribbon. It’s also not uncommon to see the stadiums filled with fans decked out in their favorite pink gear.

NFL has named their support of the month “A Crucial Catch” in an effort to encourage women to learn the signs and detect breast cancer early. They have been long-time partners with the American Cancer Society helping to raise awareness of life-saving breast cancer screenings.

Breast cancer awareness is paired up with the color pink all year long, but particularly during the month of October for breast cancer awareness month. The pink ribbon was introduced during a Susan G. Komen breast cancer race in 1991 and have since been available around the world.

The NFL has since expanded their support of cancer research to include all types of cancer, but breast cancer awareness still remains one of them that they support. So, the next time you head to an NFL game in October, be sure to put on your favorite pair of breast cancer awareness socks from MadSportsStuff and show your support.

The MLB is Working for a Breast Cancer Cure Too

Major League Baseball has been holding breast cancer awareness activities since 2001 on Mother’s Day. In 2005, the “Strikeout Challenge” began through which fans could donate money for each strikeout during the week leading up to Mother’s Day. In 2001, the MLB began allowing players to wear pink accessories such as breast cancer awareness socks and using the pink equipment. 

The Mother’s Day initiative by the MLB has raised over $1 million and has become one of baseball’s most successful fundraising campaigns. The breast cancer awareness program proves that the bright light of public attention that the MLB plays under can really turn all that attention toward a very important cause.

The MLB also started a program called the Honorary Bat Girl Program where they choose 30 people that are either breast cancer survivors or supports. The Honorary Bat Girl gets to take part in pregame activities, receive pink MLB merchandise as well as tickets to the game, and is honored during an on-field ceremony during the game. It is part of the “Going to Bat Against Breast Cancer” initiative.

Softball is Also a Popular Breast Cancer Awareness Month Fundraiser

breast cancer awareness activities There are plenty of breast cancer awareness activities to participate in when it comes to supporting breast cancer awareness and softball is one of them. Oregon State’s softball time hosts an annual Strike Out Cancer series where fans are encouraged to wear pink to the game to bring awareness to the need to find a cure for the disease. Fans also receive pink beads and pompoms to cheer on their favorite players when they enter the stadium. There are also drawings for pink breast cancer awareness hats.

Oregon State isn’t the only softball team wanting to get in on the breast cancer awareness activities. The Suffern Mounties also jumped in to support breast cancer awareness by having a hit-a-thon where fans could pledge donations per hit during the game. They added to the concept by having a pitch-a-thon where fans could make pledges based on the number of strikeouts during the game. The teams combined for 21 hits and 12 strikeouts.

They also held a bake sale and sold “Suffern Strong” shirts to maximize their fundraising efforts. All proceeds went to cancer research. The players also sported pink breast cancer awareness socks and wristbands during the game.

If Walking Is More Your Style, There Are Plenty of Breast Cancer Awareness Walks Too

The American Cancer Society hosts several breast cancer awareness walks to raise breast cancer awareness through their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer campaign. Each event is a three to five-mile walk that is non-competitive and meant to bring people together that have been touched by breast cancer. These breast cancer awareness activities raise money to help support research, provide support and information about the disease, and to help bring awareness in hopes that people will find cancer early when it is most treatable.

All Making Strides events are a celebration of survivors and provide the opportunity to honor and remember those that have been lost to the disease. The American Cancer Society has played a critical role in some breast cancer breakthroughs. The more money raised, the more research can go into making breakthroughs for breast cancer.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure is another one of the most successful fundraising and educational event for breast cancer awareness. It is the largest in the world and raises significant funds and awareness while supporting those who are fighting the disease as well as honoring those who have lost their battles.

A diagnosis of breast cancer can leave you feeling helpless, which is why the Susan G. Komen Foundation is doing everything they can to stop breast cancer in its tracks. In addition to the Race for the Cure Walk, there is also an event called the Susan G. Komen 3-Day.

It is a three-day, 60-mile walk. They announced in 2016 that they have set a goal to reduce breast cancer deaths by 50 percent in the U.S. by the year 2026. The goal of the walk is to help raise money to make that goal a reality. There have been 156 events held over the past 14 years and the money that has been raised has been used to support community breast cancer awareness programs, make great strides in cancer research, and save lives. 

Of Course, You Need to Sport Pink When Attending These Breast Cancer Awareness Activities

Whether you’re a football, baseball, softball fan, or prefer to join in a walk, you have to sport your favorite pink attire. Options are endless, and if you’ve ever attended one of the professional sporting events or other breast cancer awareness activities, then you know that everyone gets into the experience.

You’ll see everything from pink hats and brightly colored wigs, shorts, shirts, and even bright pink tutu skirts. There really isn’t anything that can’t be included when you’re out supporting something as important as breast cancer awareness.

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Their variety of fun patterns and designs has something to fit everyone’s tastes while still giving you the opportunity to support an amazing cause.  Breast cancer awareness socks from MadSportsStuff are made to withstand the most demanding sports, including playing in a game, walking for a cause, or cheering on your favorite team. These breast cancer awareness socks will battle moisture, bacteria, and odor while helping battle a deadly disease.

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More Ways to Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

If you haven’t found the breast cancer awareness activity you’re looking for yet, here are a few additional suggestions to help support the cause for breast cancer awareness. 

  1. Update your Facebook Profile Picture – Every October there is almost always a way to change your Facebook or other social media profile picture to something pink. This will help spread the word about breast cancer awareness because we all know how many people use social media every day. If you can’t figure out how to add a breast cancer awareness frame to your profile picture, just take a picture of yourself wearing your favorite pink attire and add that to your profile instead.
  2. Wear Pink – You can easily help spread awareness of breast cancer by adding some pink to your wardrobe. There are hats, shirts, shorts, and a variety of other ways to add pink to your wardrobe. You can even sport a cool pair of pink breast cancer awareness socks from MadSportsStuff. They’re affordable, stylish, and made with love right here in the USA.
  3. Organize a Fundraiser – It is quick and easy to create your own social media fundraising page to honor a loved one who you lost to breast cancer or help a family who is still battling the deadly disease. You can create your own fundraiser or join or start a team and start raising funds for breast cancer research and awareness.
  4. Take Charge of Your Own Health – Battling breast cancer starts with ourselves. While there’s no way to for-sure prevent breast cancer there are certain things that we know can help lower your risk. Be physically active and eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and low-fat dairy.
  5. Lead by Example – The key to being a breast cancer survivor is detecting it early. There are multiple clinics that offer free mammograms during the month of October, so be sure to schedule your mammogram and share with your friends that you’ve taken an important step in detection.
  6. Encourage Your Friends and Family – After you’ve gone and done your own mammogram, be sure to encourage your friends and family to get screened as well. By encouraging them to do this they will know that you care about them and are a supporter of helping find a cure for breast cancer.
  7. Increase Awareness in Your Community – Wear the pink ribbon that everyone is familiar with and share information or literature with people who ask about it. Check with your favorite cancer organization or print information from the CDC to hand out to people.
  8. Shop for Your Favorite Pink Attire – During National Breast Cancer Awareness month, many businesses have special deals on pink attire where the proceeds from the sales go to fund breast cancer research. Even if you buy pink attire whose proceeds don’t go directly to breast cancer awareness, you will be supporting awareness by wearing your favorite pink attire, including breast cancer awareness socks from MadSportsStuff.

Whatever Breast Cancer Awareness Activity You Choose, Just Be Sure You Do Your Part to Support the Cure

Whether you choose to go to a major sporting event, join a team for a breast cancer awareness walk, or participate in another breast cancer awareness activity, it is important that we all kick in to do our part in fighting the cure for this deadly disease not only during breast cancer awareness month but all year long. Too many lives of women and even men have been lost to this devastating disease.

So, this October during breast cancer awareness month, pick your favorite fundraising activity, throw on your brightest pink breast cancer awareness socks and other attire, and get out there and spread the word. The lives of thousands of people are depending on you.