Best Ways to Show Off Sports Socks on Social Media


You may not be able to choose your uniform, but you can still use your calves as a canvas. Fun sports socks from MadSportsStuff let you convey your personality on the field... and off! If you’re not showing off your sports style on social media, now is the time to start.  

Whether you want to gain more followers on your team page or become a viral soccer sensation on your personal account, photos of your vibrant footwear makes for interesting content. In fact, Facebook posts with images can get 2.3x more interactions than posts without photos.  

How can you show off your sports socks on Instagram, Facebook, and beyond? We have some suggestions. Here are some ways to post about your fun socks on social media to get likes and connect with other athletes.  

Line ‘Em Up to Display the Designs 

The modern idea of socks dates all the way back to the 1500s. Since then, they’ve been a major part of fashion and sometimes they’re even used as a status symbol. It makes sense that you’d want to show off your assortment of soccer sockssoftball socks, or other athletic socks.  

One fun way to display your sports socks on social is to line up your collection on a colorful background and snap away. Use the photo as your profile header or post it on game day. Either way, a photo of your sock collection invites comments and gives you a chance to interact with teammates and other athletes who are just as excited about getting dressed for game day! 

Who knows, you may even get some comments from friends and teammates who encourage you to wear a certain pair.  

Get Some Community Input on Your Sports Socks 

One thing we love to do at MadSportsStuff is give power to the people.  Put up a poll on your social media account and let your friends and teammates choose which pair of sports socks you wear to your next game.  

Polls are a fun way to start a conversation about your sports fashion, whether you’re just deciding on personal fashion or trying to come to a consensus within your team.  

Why not put a poll on your team page so parents and fans can weigh in on how players dress for the big game? Or, let your friends on your private page offer some advice about which socks are right for your next tournament game.  

Social media posts get more engagement when you invite comments – so have some fun asking for opinions about your sock choice! 


Post Players in Action to Show Off Athletic Performance 

At MadSportsStuff, we also love to show off how good sports socks look in action. And we think you will too! Not only can action shots inspire other people to return to the field after an absence from the game, but it gives you a chance to brag about your recent win.  

Getting just the right photo can be tricky. You don’t want to interfere with the game just to get a good shot. Still, if you enlist a coach or use a long lens, you can successfully capture a player in motion.  Posting in-game photos of your socks makes you look like a pro and will invite a lot of congratulations. How fun is that? 

You can also stage some action shots before the game and post photos to invite people to attend the match. Reminding family and friends about game time is more engaging if it’s accompanied by a preview of how you’ll look once you hit the field or court.  

Add Some Humor to Your Posts 

More than half of all social media consumers (56%) say they want posts that entertain. Even though you’re not a brand aiming to sell something, you still want people to respond to your posts. Displaying your funny bone can help make that happen. 

Humorous posts could include the players in their brilliant socks making silly faces or poses. Or, you could pair serious poses with playful captions. Maybe your style is to include jokes about how your sports socks are about to turn you into a superhero.  

If you’re posting to a team page in an effort to connect with boosters, your funny posts will make your team memorable. The more people who follow your team page: The better chance you’ll have fundraising the next time you need to refill the team coffers.  

You don’t have to be a comedian to entertain your followers with a fun sock post. Play around with formats and jokes until you find one that gets a lot of engagement! 


Meme Your Sports Socks for More Attention 

Memes connect with social media users for lots of reasons. They’re relatable, they can be insightful, and they are easy to share. And they’re often humorous, too. Showing off your sports socks in meme form also lets you get creative! 

There are all sorts of ways to make a meme. If you have a photo editor on your computer and a few minutes, you can make an original meme and share it with your friends and followers. It’s great to take part in a meme format that is already going around, but you don’t have to. You could also overlay an original quote to create your own meme-like post from scratch.  

When you make your own meme it could even catch on. Show off your socks in a funny or original way, and you never know if other football, baseball, lacrosse, or tennis players will find it and share their own version!  

Connecting with other athletes online is a cool way to grow your community, and viral humor has become a popular way to do it. 


Document Game Day to Keep Followers Interested

Friends and family who can’t attend the game may feel left out. While showing off your sports socks isn’t the same as having grandma in the stands, it might make her feel more included to follow along on Facebook as you get ready for the big game.  

Start your day by posting a picture of your socks lined up along with your equipment, uniform, and water bottles. Tell your followers how excited you are for your game and encourage them to follow you all day! 

Post something every few hours to keep your family along for the ride. They’ll love to see you in your fresh uniform, sports socks and all, and warming up. Update them at half-time if you can, then take a photo after the game with the final score.  


Dress for a Cause You Can Share With Friends 

Many of the sports socks from MadSportsStuff also support a charitable cause. Whether you want to raise awareness for autism or support breast cancer survivors, you can show off the causes you support by posting about your special socks on your social media accounts. 

When you show off your breast cancer, autism, or childhood cancer awareness socks, you may even inspire someone to donate money to the cause or learn more about how to offer their own support.  

When it comes to showing off special socks that support a vital cause, it’s best to keep it a little more serious – but don’t be afraid to smile for the photo! 

Should You Include People in Your Sporty Sock Posts? 

Should you include a photo of the player in your social media images? Or is it better to stick with a close up of your socks? It’s all a matter of preference, but if you want to get engagement on a team page there are some best practices. According to this research, you will get the most engagement if you include just a body part, such as a leg or hand.  

Second to that strategy, you will get a fair amount of likes and comments if you include an entire person in your pic. Finally, you will still get some traction if you just post the sports socks on their own. 

When you’re posting just for fun, you get to become a creative director and post to be artistic. If you want team boosters or potential ticket holders to engage with your posts, try to include a close up of your calf wearing a pair of crazy socks! 

Buy New Socks Today 

Wearing crazy sports socks is fun for its own sake. Think of how great it will be to look back at the end of the season and see a catalog of your best looks! If you’re trying to promote your team during a fundraiser or recruitment period, posting about your socks could also attract important eyes to your page.  

Ordering crew and over-the-calf sports socks from MadSportsStuff is easy and efficient. You’ll have a package of high-performance socks on your front porch before you know it. You can also contact us today to learn about custom sock orders and more!