Choosing the Right Jersey Number and Putting It On Display

When you think about team sports, one of the first things that an athlete thinks about is their player ID number. Also Referred to as a jersey number, uniform number, squad number, and so forth, it is the number that is worn by the player somewhere on their uniform to distinguish and identify them from other players.

number socksThe player ID number typically appears on the back side of the jersey and is sometimes accompanied by the player’s last name. The number sometimes also appears on the front or the sleeves of the jersey, as well as their shorts or helmet. Officials and spectators often wear numbers to identify themselves or their favorite player, and a number can even be indicative of the position an athlete plays.

The History of Player ID Numbers

Player ID numbers weren’t always assigned to players, and when they appeared in play depends on the sport. Records show that player ID numbers first began being used in Australian rugby as early as 1897. The first-time player ID numbers were officially assigned to players in a squad began in 1954 with the world cup during association football play, also known as soccer. The ID numbers were assigned based on the position the athletes played with the goalkeeper wearing number one.

football jersey numberThe National Football League has used jersey numbers since beginning in the 1940’s. The teams were free to number their players however they wanted. In 1952, a mandatory numbering system was enforced. Uniforms feature numbers on the front and back as well as often on the shoulders and helmet.

Baseball teams didn’t wear jersey numbers in the early years of the sport, and now the players wear large numbers on the backs of their jersey. Jersey numbers may also appear on the sleeves, front of the jersey, and pants. The first team to incorporate jersey numbers was the 1916 Cleveland Indians, followed by the St. Louis Cardinals in 1923. Neither team liked them and dropped them. However, by 1937, all teams in the MLB had added numbers to their player’s jerseys.

Basketball has traditionally used single and double digits between 0 and 5. Most amateur and college competitions mandate the use of only these numbers to ease communication between referees and other officials.

Player ID & Jersey Number Socks

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Important Numbers in Sports

Once in a while, an athlete has such an impact on the game that the jersey number they had while playing gets retired. This may happen after a player has left the team, retired from the sport, or died. A jersey number is also sometimes retired to honor someone who has had to end their career due to a severe injury. Once the jersey number has been retired, no player from that team can ever use that number again unless the player that wore the number before permits it.

A jersey number may also be retired to honor someone besides a player, such as a fan, owner, or manager. For example, the NBA team the Boston Celtics retired number one in honor of Walter A. Brown, the team’s original owner.

Although there are literally hundreds of team numbers that have been retired, some of the most famous include #2 from the New York Yankees in honor of Derek Jeter, #3 was retired by the New York Yankees in honor of Hall of Famer Babe Ruth, #4 was retired by the Green Bay Packers in honor of Brett Favre, #23 was retired by the Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls in honor of famed basketball player Michael Jordan, and the Chicago Bears retired number 89 in honor of Mike Ditka.

Get in Gear with Jersey Number Socks Now

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