2019 Guide to Buying Custom Football Socks

Outfitting your football squad in the right gear gives players the confidence they need to take on the competition. It might also keep them safer. And while helmets, pads, and cleats are all important – they’re not the end of the line.

You should also get your football team custom team socks.

High-performance custom football socks have features like moisture-wicking and blister control. These perks keep players’ legs cool and blister-free, so they’re less likely to overheat or suffer from painful skin irritation. But what do you look for in a pair of custom youth football socks?

We’re here to help. Check out our guide to buying custom football socks, designed to help you narrow down which material, type, and features are right for your favorite youth player.

Fabrics for Custom Football Socks

Athletic socks are available in lots of different fabric blends. Some are 100% cotton, while others are a combination of synthetic materials like polyester and spandex. Here are some pros and cons associated with the most common types of fabrics used for custom football socks. 


Pros: Cotton is a natural material, so it may be more comfortable for people with sensitive skin. Additionally, cotton is breathable because it has a looser knit than some other fabrics. Cotton is also soft, and it holds color over time, so your team’s school colors won’t fade after the first wash.

Cons: On the downside, cotton tends to absorb a lot of moisture. Rather than wicking sweat away from a player’s ankles, it stores the moisture. This means football players could end up with soggy socks by the fourth quarter of the game. Worse, soggy socks increase the chances of developing blisters. 


Pros: Polyester is a synthetic material that is commonly used in custom football socks. One of the reasons it’s often selected for athletic use is that it doesn’t absorb much water. Rather than storing sweat, it dries very quickly. Polyester is also a durable fabric that will stand up to frequent wearing and washing.

Cons: One potential downside of polyester is that it isn’t as breathable as cotton. When polyester is the only fabric used in a pair of athletic socks, the player can get hotter faster. They can be less comfortable when playing in hot conditions. 

Synthetic Blend

Pros: Fabric blends are often considered the gold standard for regular and custom football socks. Blends that include some combination of polyester, Lycra, nylon, and polypropylene are often more supportive due to their snug fit. They’re also moisture-wicking to keep feet dry and provide ample cushion. When compared to 100% cotton, synthetic blends are often smoother and less prone to rubbing the skin.

Cons: While there are many benefits to synthetic blends, there are a few downsides. They may not be as breathable as cotton (depending on the way they’re knitted). Their insulation properties may also not be as effective while they are wet.

Types of Football Socks

In addition to having a choice of fabrics, you can also choose from a few different styles of custom football socks. The right type of sock for your favorite football player may come down to variables including the position they play, the weather in your area, and their personal preferences. The two main styles of socks are crew and over the calf.  


Crew socks cover more than ankle socks but fall well below the knee, right around the bottom of the calf. These shorter socks may be preferable in hot temperatures, where players enjoy letting their skin breathe. They allow a player’s sweat to naturally evaporate instead of going through any sort of fabric. Finally, some players may just like shorter socks because they feel less constricting and more comfortable.

Over the Calf

As their name suggests, over the calf socks reach over a player’s calf. They used to be called high-rise socks. The cuff of the sock reaches just under the knee. These socks offer better protection to players who experience a lot of contact with other players or often end up on the bottom of a pile and want to protect their calf muscles from scrapes. Custom football socks in an over the calf length also help players stay warm when the end of the season nears, and colder temperatures start to arrive. If you want your custom socks to have a certain logo or complicated design, over the calf socks just provide more space to print out the design.

Features to Look for in Custom Youth Football Socks

Cotton or synthetic, crew or over the calf, there are some features that any good football sock will share. High-performance socks should keep a football player cool, safe, and comfortable. At MadSportsStuff, we believe custom football socks should have the following features.

Double-Welt Top

The welt of a sock is sometimes called the cuff. It’s that tight band at the very top of a pair of socks that keep them from falling. Over time, the welt can stretch and become ineffective on cheap pair of socks. On quality athletic socks, like ours, the welt stands the test of time.

Having a double-welt top means the socks have two support bands at the very top. This helps ensure the socks never fall, even in the middle of an aggressive huddle.

Blister Control

Blisters aren’t just uncomfortable. They can be downright painful! Many players, like wide receivers and tight ends, rely on their ability to take off into a full spring on a dime. Blisters could stop them in their tracks.

Socks that become saturated or have poorly placed seams can quickly lead to blisters. Socks with blister control are the only way to go. These socks are made of smooth material that won’t irritate skin and a heel to toe design aimed at reducing unwanted friction at the heel.

Heel and Toe Padding

Football isn’t called gridiron for nothing. Players on both the offense and defense are bound to experience some hard hits and tough plays. Even just running up and down the field is rough on the body.

Both heel and toe padding protect sensitive areas on the feet. We can’t promise your player won’t still need to soak their feet in some Epsom salt after the game, but custom football socks with padding near the toes and heels can help them avoid some of the soreness they’re used to after the final whistle blows.

Ordering Custom Football Socks from MadSportsStuff

There are plenty of football socks worthy of your player. But maybe you want something special. Creating a custom pair of socks with your team’s mascot on the side or another logo really personalizes a player’s uniform.

At MadSportsStuff, you can order custom football socks for an individual player or the entire squad. Whether you’re the team’s Mom MVP or the head coach, here is how easy it is to place a custom order:

  1. Browse our selection of custom athletic socks and find your favorite style. Click on the photo of the socks to bring up their product page.
  1. Make your color choices, including the main color and any accent panels (when they’re included with the style you selected). You can choose black and white, white and orange, yellow and navy, and a ton of other combos.
  1. Upload a photo of your team logo. We accept files in AI, PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG, and GIF format.
  1. Choose the number of socks for each size. You must order at least 12 in each size and a total of 24 socks for each color combination.
  1. Review your free custom sock mockup. This is your chance to see what your socks will look like when they arrive! If you change your mind about colors or logo choices at this point, it’s not too late to go back and edit.
  1. Pay for your socks and place the order. Most custom orders will be received in 4-6 six weeks from the time of payment.

Buying custom football socks shouldn’t be stressful – there are enough details to keep track of during the season. When you choose the right fabrics and fit, your player will practically be ready for the championships already. MadSportsStuff custom socks are made with love in the USA. They feature a synthetic fabric blend, double-welt top, blister control, toe and heel, and more.

If you have questions about placing a custom order, feel free to reach out today for help.