Creative Team Names (And Matching Soccer Socks) For this Season



It’s time to pick your team name and mascot for the year – is there anything more exciting than watching your team choose their own theme for the next season? Add a twist to your standard uniforms by completing the look with crazy soccer socks that rock your team concept.

If you’re in a league where the players and parents control the creative aspects of the team, then you have some big decisions on your hands! This is the time for your kiddos’ puns and silly ideas to shine.   

Do your players want to pay homage to their favorite pro player? Do they want to be represented by a fierce jungle animal? What about whimsical Rainbow Unicorns?  There are infinite choices – and almost as many crazy soccer socks and apparel options to match.  

Here are some ideas for cool team names and matching soccer socks to get your creative juices flowing.  

Fun and Quirky Names 

While the opposition is laughing at your team name, you’ll be zipping through their defense toward the goal! Nothing causes the other team to underestimate your skill like a quirky team name. Whether you have fun with song names or other pop culture or think of another silly pun, a quirky name is bound to be a crowd favorite.  

The Sir Kicks-a-Lots  

Your team likes to score and they cannot lie! Pair this hilarious team name with a pair of bright blue socks full of soccer balls. You’ll have people dancing on the sidelines while they cheer you on.  

The Manti-scores  

Manticores are mythical beings with huge wings and long tails – but your team’s talent is as real as it gets. It’s fun to have a fictional mascot because it gives you an opportunity to create a silly persona for him and name him something wild. Are those manticore paw prints on these soccer socks that we see?  

Billy the Kicks 

Back in wild west, things were settled by fast draw... your team of ball slingers will settle it with a kick-off. Try these dramatic bomber soccer socks to let them know there’s only room for one top team in town! You may not be moseying onto the field in leather jackets, but that doesn’t mean the name won’t inspire a bit of swagger.  

Intimidating Monikers 

Want the other team shaking in their cleats before the first whistle blows?  Why not try out one of these intimidating names that show you’re here to win trophies and take names (or at least victory handshakes)?  

Think of images that evoke powerful fighters or strong elements.  

Feet on Fire  

You’re not slowing down any time soon and your team name should show it! Let everyone know your team is here to tear up the field and smoke the competition with your team name and a bright orange or red uniform to match. Matching flame soccer socks really set the tone of your mission and will “fire” your team up.  

The Cobras 

Anyone who sees the fangs of a snake coming in their direction knows it’s time to take off running. With a name like The Cobras, the other team will be on the lookout for your fangs while you slither past and score! Go with these bold, crazy snake soccer socks for your little cobras.  

The Dragons  

You came to the game to spit fire and save princesses, and you’re all out of princesses! Dragons evoke a powerful image and tell the opposition you’re as fierce as they come. These fire socks represent the flames your little dragons will be breathing as they scorch the competition.  

Movie-Themed Names 

Sometimes the cinema can provide much-needed inspiration for your team’s identity. Stick with a classic movie reference that will motivate your team and help them stand out on the field. Movie-themed team names may be harder to agree on, but they are a fun way to identify yourselves if you can agree on a popular one.  


Your players would love to throw a web out and capture enemies in a second’s notice – but today the only web in play is the net. If you have some serious Spiderman fans on your team, these spider web soccer socks are a perfect match for your theme. Think red, blue, and black uniforms and some serious spidey senses to match.  

The Avengers  

This group of everybody’s favorite classic heroes includes Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and The Black Widow. Captain America, another member, would be proud of these patriotic soccer socks that go perfectly with your Avengers team theme. You may not be able to save the world today, but you can secure another win for your team with the power of the strongest heroes on the planet behind you.  


You ain’t afraid of no goalposts... erm, ghosts! The ghostbusters are a team of fearless go-getters, just like your team of youth soccer players. The lightning bolts on these socks look a little bit like the stream from a proton pack, don’t you think? In any case, being inspired by a group of rag-tag people who are out to save the city should fuel your team to victory in no time.  


Traditional Team Themes 

There is nothing wrong with a timeless choice.  

Going with a more traditional team name and mascot means your theme will never go out of style and you can even keep the name going for years. Many of the most popular traditional team names are animal related, but you could also consider monikers related to thunder, heat, magic, or other forces that aren’t going to fall out of trend. 


They’re not technically the king of the jungle, but they sure are a close second! Tiger stripes are a stand-out theme for uniforms and these soccer socks will never seem outdated. Your players will be feeling the eye of the Tiger for sure.   


They made a movie about soccer players called the Ladybugs, so this name is a classic! It’s also a sweet way to refer to a group of young players who want to flutter across the field. These ladybugs socks are a perfect fit.  


Bulldogs are known for their protective instincts, intimidating stature, and brute force. What a great name for a soccer team that wants to show they’re serious on the field! We have the perfect soccer socks to match, of course.  

Homage to the Greats 

Your tiny soccer dribblers probably have some heroes on professional teams who they look up to. You can show your respect with a team name that pays homage to one of the great soccer players of past or present.  

Abby Wambach/The Wolfpack 

Soccer great Abby Wambach calls her fans “The Wolfpack.” Encourage your youngsters to live up to the potential of this member of Team USA by adopting the wolf as your mascot and donning these wolf paw soccer socks on the field.  These are also really popular for Cougars and Lions teams. 

Cristiano Ronaldo/Rocket Ronaldo 

This Portuguese player remains one of the greatest to ever take the field. One of his nicknames is “Rocket Ronaldo” because of his speed, making “The Rockets” a great team name draw inspiration from his years on the field. Don socks with the number 7 to honor the number worn by Ronaldo for your team name! 

David Beckham/Becks  

Who could forget about Becks? This British “footballer” is famous around the world -- he even inspired the name for a soccer-themed movie! Calling your team “The Becks” means you’re playing to win. Classic soccer socks are the only way to go when you’re representing such an iconic talent.  

Don’t Forget about Personalized Names (and Completely Made Up Ones!) 

It’s also fun to create a team name that means something special to your town, school, or the players. With a truly individualized name and mascot, you won’t have to risk running into another team with the same idea.  

When thinking something up, think about playing with alliteration to turn a simple name into something fab! There are so many options for creating a personalized team name, but it’s really fun when they roll off the tongue.  

Something like the St. Cloud Storm or the Houston Hurricanes is unique to your hometown or neighborhood (and easy to shout from the sidelines). Other ideas include things like the Northside Net Keepers or the Amazing Atlanta Asteroids.  

Just as names, your kiddos’ soccer sock options are plentiful and can be creatively tied in. This about these fun mermaid scale socks for oceanside communities. 

What about creating an imaginary band name for your team?  

You will be rocking the field, after all.  

Begin with your team captain’s name and you can create a name like “Sarah and the Goal Kickers” or “Jacob and the Bicycle Kickers.” No one can stop you from creating your own theme song, either. Try adding these rock star socks to your uniform.  

Choosing your own team name is fun and creative, and it gives your young soccer players the chance to let their personalities shine in a game bound by rules and standards. Adding a pair of our crazy soccer socks is a wonderful way to add some punch to your new soccer uniforms.  

All of our socks are made with love and precision, and the manufacturing is done right here in America!