Why Basketball Drills & Basketball Socks Are Important

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Got a roster filled with eager players? Check. Gym reserved for practice time? Check. Schedule posted in the locker room? Check. Basketball shoes laced up? Check. Your team has all the big picture requirements figured out for the season – but are you focused enough on the little things?

It’s tempting to just run through the motions of basketball drills so you spend more time perfecting free throws and trying three-pointers. However, each drill needs to have a purpose. After all, basketball drills are all about the fundamentals and teach players how to perform each aspect of the game correctly.

Basketball drills help players become better by practicing the same skills over and over. Players develop muscle memory and good habits that they can benefit from come game time, but only if they’re practicing basketball drills consistently and with the right form. The bottom line: basketball drills are the way players teach their bodies to spring into action when the game is actually on the line. So, yeah, they’re pretty important! Not only is having the drills down but being dressed for the part is just as important. Cool basketball socks aren’t just about fashion – the right athletic socks can also help performance. Let’s dive in (or, dribble in, as the case may be).

Keep It Fun



One of the best ways to help players stay motivated is to keep fundamental drills fun! You can do this by adding competitive twists to regular drills. Most players also enjoy fast-paced drills that keep them moving. Set up stations or run multifaceted drills that keep players doing a variety of things like shooting, running, and passing to maximize their skill potential when it comes time to face off against the opposing team.

More Tips

In addition to keeping it fun, there are a few other tips that seasoned coaches and players recommend for making the most out of basketball drills.

  • Add a competitive aspect to drills – This can make a drill more effective because players will get more focused and work harder to master the drills. Without the competition, players will get bored and just go through the motions. One example of additional competition is keeping track of baskets made during a shooting drill and award the winner.
  • Develop good habits – Some coaches teach a drill and then walk away to get the next group started on the next drill. When coaches don’t watch a drill closely enough, they won’t see bad habits forming. When players are running shooting drills for instance, make sure they are bending their knees correctly, pivoting right, squaring their feet to the basket, etc. For a defensive sliding drill, encourage players to maintain a wide stance, focus on good balance, keep their butt down to the ground, and keep their hands out, ready to catch the ball.
  • Write down any points of emphasis – To keep players from forgetting the important points of each drill, you should make a cheat sheet for every drill you run. For example, on a rebounding drill, your points of emphasis might be keeping elbows out after grabbing the ball, grabbing the ball with two hands, blocking out, anticipating the rebound to get in a good position, and using your feet to get under the ball.
  • Break things up – Split drills up to keep the pace and energy up during practice. Players lose focus working on the same thing, so the more variety the better. For example, try doing 10 minutes of competitive shooting, then 10 minutes of defensive drills.
  • ·Don’t overlook simple drills – Simple basketball drills that have been around forever can be the most meaningful in terms of player development. They’ve been around forever for a reason.

    Top Basketball Drills

    The reason we play any game is because we love it, right? And we want to do it well. That’s where basketball drills come in. Drills can help players perfect everything from the most fundamental aspects of the sport to the most complex, so check out these basketball drills that can help your team sharpen their skills.

    • Bulldog Drill – This basketball drill will help players develop better dribbling skills while running down the court. It trains players to keep their head up while dribbling to look for an open teammate. To run the drill, choose one or two players as bulldogs. They will stand in the middle of the court. All the other players will line up at the baseline. The players at the baseline have 10 seconds to get past half court while dribbling. The bulldogs try to knock the ball out of their hands while maintaining their dribble. If a player has their ball stolen or knocked away, they become a bulldog. The drill continues until one player is left.

    • Terminator Drill – This basketball drill helps players develop dribbling skills in tight corners while improving awareness. Group players in groups of 8 to 10. Each player starts with a ball and must continuously dribble within a designated area while trying to knock away other player’s balls. When a player loses control of their ball or dribbles outside the designated area, they are out of the drill. The last player remaining wins.

    • ·Loose Ball Drill – This drill is a one on one competition that builds physical and mental toughness. To perform the drill, have two players line up on the baseline equal distance from each other with their backs facing the open court. Standing in front of the players, the coach rolls a ball out on the open court. The coach blows the whistle and the players turn and sprint to the ball. The player that reaches the ball first tries to score. If the player scores, the drill is over. If the player misses or gets the ball stolen, the drill is also over. When the drill is over, two more players start a new drill.

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      Are You Ready for Basketball Drills?

      Part of being ready for basketball drills during basketball season is making sure you have the right equipment. Make sure your gear includes a pair or two of durable, high-quality cool basketball socks!