Baseball Stirrups

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Bring Style Back to the Game With Baseball Stirrups

Why baseball stirrups? We’re happy you asked. This baseball uniform accessory has a storied history in America’s favorite pastime! Dating back to 1905, baseball stirrup socks served both fashion and function. In the beginning, they were used to protect players against injuries (an aggressive slide into home could cause a serious infection). Teams like the Cleveland Naps started wearing a white “sanitary” sock beneath a stirrup sock to protect players during the game.

Over the years, clothing dyes became less dangerous for players and stirrups could have gone to the wayside. But they managed to stick around as a style choice. If you look at photos of your favorite players up to the 1990s, you can be sure they were sporting their team’s stirrups! Even today, stirrups remain a fun style choice among players of all ages.

Show Up the Competition with Baseball Stirrups

A lot of players wear longer pants now and stick with regular baseball socks. Yet, there is something official about a player who shows up to bat in baseball stirrup socks. They mean business. Your child will look like a regular Babe Ruth when they’re outfitted in baseball stirrups.

MadSportsStuff, an industry leader in producing crazy sports socks, has partnered with TCK to create world-class baseball and softball stirrups in multiple colors. This is a big deal, because TCK is the leader in manufacturing high quality big league quality baseball stirrups. That means you’re getting the real deal.

Our baseball stirrups are made for boys, girls, men and women. No matter your age or the type of league you play in, we have an option for you. Our most popular designs are the stripe pattern D, E, B and in a 7-inch cut.

It’s always a good time to revamp your team uniforms.

Get started with a stirrup order from MadSportsStuff today! Our socks are all true to size, so it’s easy to order based on your shoe size. Even better, baseball stirrups are always made with love in the USA using quality materials.

If you have a special design in mind that you don’t see here, you can also check out our custom baseball stirrups.

Stirrup Socks - Get the Best of Both Worlds

Do you like the look of baseball stirrups but you real just like to wear one pair of baseball socks? MadSportsStuff is now offering new styles of 2 in 1 baseball stirrup socks. These offer all the same performance features of our top selling baseball socks. However, they give you the custom look and feel of striped baseball stirrups.