How to Strike a Pose in Your Crazy Lacrosse Socks


Gaining confidence as a lacrosse player often begins with the simple act of dressing the part like, say when they are wearing awesome lacrosse socks 

Does that sound too good to be true? It’s not!  

When a player is outfitted head to toe in the right gear, they’re more inspired to earn MVP. Lacrosse socks are an integral part of any player uniform. Like your youth player, crazy socks go above and beyond: they are a great way show off your personality and be quickly identified on the field.  

Plus, quality athletic socks are great for performance. 

Not only do lacrosse uniforms help your team look good during game time, but they also come in handy on picture day.  

But how do you strike a pose in a way that shows off a unique sock selection? As it turns out, there are a few ways to nail the right pose. Here are some reasons to choose crazy lacrosse socks and how to pose on picture day.  

Why Crazy Lacrosse Socks? 

Why choose a pair of bold socks for practice and game day?  

Crazy lacrosse socks are great for fashion and function. There are so many different patterns available, from rainbow unicorns and pink flames to tiger paws and American flags, that any player can find something they love.  

You can outfit your entire team in the same design or let your player shine with their own unique show of style.  

On the function side, lacrosse socks from MadSportsStuff offer moisture wicking and compression for ankles and arches. Our socks are also made with quality fibers right here in the USA. In other words, they’re good socks that keep a player comfortable and agile during the game.  

Crazy socks also help parents identify their player on the field, a task which can seem impossible otherwise.  

How can you lose sight of your favorite lacrosse star when they’re wearing a pair of socks with blue lightning bolts up the back? 

Take Team Photos That Display Your Sock Appeal 

It’s photo day! With your team members in their bright socks, you want to make sure the bold designs are featured in the group shot.  

Lacrosse teams often have a very long roster (but you already knew that), so it can be difficult to orient the entire squad into a single photo. It’s even more difficult to identify your child in a group shot when everyone is dressed exactly the same 

If you let everyone wear their crazy lacrosse socks, your photo has a punch of personality and you can easily spot your player. Here are some poses that allow funky socks to be seen without sacrificing a great group shot: 

  • Stand in “V” Formation: When you pose dozens of players standing in horizontal rows, you’ll be lucky if everyone’s head makes it into the shot -- so their feet are out of the question.  
    Even with the first few rows of players kneeling, it can be tough to give everyone’s crazy socks the chance to make an appearance. When your players stand in a “V” formation, everyone is visible from head to toe in the photo! If you have a large roster, try two or three smaller “V”s next to each other. 
  • Sprint into Action: Action shots are another savvy way to get the entire uniform into a group photo. Plus, they’re just more fun than a regular pose.  
    Get your players lined up in a few rows (making sure rows are staggered so each player is in full view), and then have them run toward the camera. Or, group players into clusters and have everyone jump. Don’t forget that aerial photos are great for action shots. 
  • Take to the Bleachers: Group photos on the bleachers are ideal for large teams who want to show off their crazy socks! Seat players in a staggered fashion so that the socks of each player pop up in between the players seated in front of them.  
    Even in a huge group, this type of arrangement can be an ideal pose for showing off those colorful shins. 
  • Pair Off: Another way to make sure your players are all visible in team photos is to pair of players and have them stand back to back.  
    With about five or six pairs in each row, you can fit all the players in a single shot and avoid having everyone is a single, tight formation. Standing at this angle, your player’s socks are also showcased more than they might be when standing straight forward.  

Use Individual Photos for Fun Poses 

Group photos tend to be a bit more serious, especially if they are going to be showcased in the hallway of a school or a yearbook. Individual photos are where you can really have fun and let your silly flag fly!  
These shots also provide infinite possibilities for showing your bold socks in action and from all angles. Here are some ideas for how to pose in your lacrosse socks in an individual photo session: 

  • Capture a Score Up Close: Get your photographer to sit inside the net and capture your player scoring a goal.  
    This cool shot not only shows off your favorite player’s prowess and potential, but their lacrosse socks will be in full view, making the picture even better. Anyone can take a picture standing in the net, but this unique take offers a view of player at their most fierce.  
  • Fly Away (Or at Least Pretend To): Why not get a little silly? That’s what individual shots are made for, after all.  
    Try positioning your lacrosse stick as if it were a flying broomstick. Keep one leg on the ground for stability or snap a picture while you’re leaping mid-air. This will be a funny one to keep in the photo album for years to come, and your crazy lacrosse socks will add to the light-hearted nature of the photo. 
  • Jump for Joy: Speaking of mid-air shots, it always creates visual interest when a player leaps just as the photographer snaps the shutter. Pose options include lifting your lacrosse stick over your head with both hands, positioning your stick as though you’re passing, and leaving the stick on the ground as you flex your biceps.  
    Having great lacrosse socks are a no-brainer, but timing the shot on “1, 2, 3...” will be trickier. 
  • Go for the Profile: Does your lacrosse star want to look a bit intimidating in their solo shot?  
    Dress in full gear -- helmet included -- and stand perpendicular to the photographer. A profile shot is not only a dignified pose but also one that makes the player look quite tough. Full body profile shots give a unique angle on the uniform, showing both the front and back in partial view.  


Buying the Right Socks 

You want to get a lot of use out of your player’s lacrosse socks, right?  
It all begins with choosing the right size. An ill-fitting pair won’t be comfortable or contribute to agility and speed. You’ll also want to review the league rules for uniforms before you buy your next pair of socks. Finally, you’ll get the most bang for your buck if the socks you select really show off your player’s personality.  
Without further ado, here are some tips for choosing the right lacrosse socks: 

Sizing Considerations

There are a lot of resources to help you compare shoe size to sock size, like this helpful guide. On MadSportsStuff, our sizes run similar to most standard suggestions. 


Our small lacrosse socks, for instance, are ideal for youth sizes 12-5 and women’s sizes 4-7. Medium socks are great for women’s sizes 7-10 and men’s sizes 6-9. You’ll find our complete sizing guide on the product page for any of our lacrosse socks! 

Rules and Regulations 

Find out if players must adhere to a strict uniform policy during play. In some cases, your entire team may need to wear the same clothing from head to toe.  

Other leagues allow players to stand out during game time with a unique pair of socks.  

Even in cases where uniform footwear is required, you may be able to use customized lacrosse socks with players’ numbers on the back. Custom number socks still make it easier for parents find their athlete on the field! 

Interests and Personality 

We have so many types of socks available that you’ll be spoiled for choice!  

Designs include the bold flaming skulls and winged yellow styles, as well as the whimsical baby chick design. Some of our lacrosse socks fall well under the knee while others reach the top of the calf. Depending on your player’s comfort and needs, either style can be a good choice. 

Gearing up for the big game starts with dressing the part.  

Players outfitted in a crisp uniform are in the right mindset to crush the competition -- and a pair of bold socks add to their confidence. As a parent, crazy lacrosse socks mean you can spot your player (even with their helmet on). It’s a win-win!  

All of the socks on MadSportsStuff are made with love right here in the USA. Browse our fun socks today, and if you’re ordering a custom pair for your team, allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.