Over the Knee Athletic Socks

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Long Over the Knee Sports Socks

Check out our selection of long sports socks that can extend up and over the knee. TCK makes the best long sports socks available. Over the knee socks provide extra protection when play baseball, softball, football or soccer. We have a pair of over the knee athletic socks just begging to become a part of your uniform. The quality construction translates to just about any indoor or outdoor field. Long sports socks from MadSportsStuff are the perfect for:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Soccer

Over the Knee Soccer Socks

Over the knee soccer socks (OTK) is common in soccer and can provide a number of benefits for players, both in terms of performance and protection. We offer long over knee socks that are great for soccer players. The Pro Plus Performance stretches easy so you can fit your shin guards in the socks and still get the socks over the knee.

Over the Knee Baseball Socks And Softball Socks

Softball and baseball players wear over-the-knee socks for similar reasons

  • Protection: Baseball players may slide into bases or dive for balls, and the long socks can help protect their legs from getting scrapes and cuts.
  • Comfort: The long socks can provide comfort and support to the player's legs.
  • Style: Over-the-knee socks have been a traditional part of softball uniforms for many years. The style is associated with the classic look of softball, and many players and fans believe that wearing the socks is part of the sport's culture and history.

Additionally, baseball and softball players may wear over-the-knee socks for added comfort, warmth, or style. Some players may also wear socks with padding in specific areas for added protection. Overall, wearing over-the-knee socks in baseball is a combination of practicality, tradition, and adherence to uniform regulations.

Over the knee socks give extra coverage if players are wearing short pants or knickers. Depending on the baseball pants or knickers, only wearing socks that go up to the knee but not over the knee can still expose the knee.