Best Padded Football Socks for Kids and Men, Long & Crew Length

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Look Good Doing Your Touchdown Dance

Imagine heading for the end zone, ready to score six, only to realize your socks are falling. That uncomfortable bunching of fabric is making it real hard to concentrate on the game. You shouldn’t have to think about it when you’re running toward the goal posts. Adult and kids football socks should literally stand up to whatever you throw at them.

At MadSportsStuff, our adult and youth football socks are made from quality fibers right here in the USA and they’re designed with athletic performance in mind. Plus, we haven’t forgotten about the fact that players like to look as good as they play on the field. Choose from one of our brilliant designs so you can show off your personality in practice and during the big game. 

Football Socks Made from the Good Stuff

Our crazy kids football socks are top-notch (because even the MVP could use some extra support). Whether you’re the quarterback, kicker, or a tight end, any player can appreciate the features of our football socks and our extra long football socks. The high-performance qualities of MadSportsStuff socks include:

Moisture-Wicking: Every player works up a sweat. But not every sock can handle it. Our socks offer moisture-wicking, which means sweat doesn’t get trapped between the sock and the skin. It’s a cooler experience – literally.

Double-Welt Top: Players shouldn’t get distracted by falling socks when they’re trying to receive a pass. A double-welt top means our kids football socks stay put even when you’re sprinting forward or tackling an opponent.

Heel/Toe Padding: Padded football socks protect against blisters and discomfort making it easier to focus on the first down. Heel and toe padding are standards in MadSportsStuff football socks for all ages. 

Antimicrobials: It may be inevitable to get stinky before you head to the locker room, but your socks don’t have to be a part of the problem. Our socks have antimicrobial properties to help keep smelliness away.

Stylish Kids Football Socks long and crew length

We have adult and kids football socks for every personality. From animal prints to stars and stripes, you can show off your mood on the field or intimidate the competition. While white football socks are our most popular, we have almost every color, such as: black, royal, navy, purple, red, green, orange, gold and pink.  Pink football socks are very popular for Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Our football socks also include custom options. Why not create custom football socks  for the entire team? Nothing says team unity like a good-looking uniform that gives the entire squad a new-found confidence boost.

MadSportsStuff is here to provide all of your kid’s football socks and cleat covers! We also have plenty of fun designs for adult players, too. From custom designs to crazy socks with flames on the side, you can always show off your personality without sacrificing quality. Contact us today if you have any questions about placing your order!