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    Autism Awareness

    Autism is one of the fastest-growing developmental disorders in the U.S. More than that, there is no cure for it, and it affects a large amount of children. While there are some treatments available, each treatment plan varies depending on the person and their level of autism. Because this is such a large issue, especially in kids, we offer a variety of autism awareness products for you to show your support and help raise awareness of this disorder.

    Autism awareness products are known by their telltale puzzle pieces. The puzzle piece first originated as the symbol for autism back in 1963 by Gerald Gasson, who was a board member of the National Autistic Society. There were a few reasons behind the puzzle piece being chosen as the logo. First, it didn’t look like any other image out there already for another charity or organization. Second, it was because autism was considered a puzzling condition when it first became known. Since then, this has become an extremely well-known logo to help raise awareness of the disorder. We have two types of necklaces to wear in honor of someone with autism, one that is crystal, and one with initials. Choose your initial, or the initial of a loved one who has this disorder. Our necklaces are sterling plated, and lead, nickel, and cadmium safe. As always, our products are proudly assembled in the USA.

    Here at MadSportsStuff, we are all about having fun with sports, but we also know how important it is to raise awareness for diseases and disorders. Whether you are playing a game in support of autism awareness, or you just know someone who has the disorder, our autism awareness products are perfect to show your support. If you have any questions about our products or your order, please feel free to contact our customer service specialists. They will be happy to get your order finalized, and your products on their way.