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Graduated Compression Leg Sleeves (Black/Grey, Large)

Graduated Compression Leg Sleeves 1 pair



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Graduated Compression Leg Sleeves 1 pair

Product Features

  • PERFECT COMPRESSION LEG SLEEVES: Why spend more than you need to for quality compression leg sleeves? These leg sleeves will stabilize muscles and keep them warm which helps to prevent injuries, reduce fatigue and aids circulation. Great for preventing shin splints, and increasing performance in a variety of sports such as running, football, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, field hockey and more!
  • ACCURATE SIZING: Small: 9-12in. around calf, Medium 12-14in. around calf, Large 14in.+ around calf
  • PERFORMANCE MATERIALS: 46% Polypropylene, 38% Coolmax Cordura, 12% Nylon, 04% Lycra Spandex
  • PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Superior moisture management, Advanced Yarns help control ddor
  • 🇺🇸 QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made with love in the USA

Product Description

MadSportsStuff Graduated Compression Leg Sleeves 1 pair. Our sleeeves offer a moderate level of Graduated compression (12-15 mmHg near the ankle tapering off to 9-12 mmHg over the calf). Moderate compression provides all the benefits of stronger compression while allowing you to workout harder and longer with less muscle fatigue.